Indonesia Accounting Fair is the largest and oldest accounting event held by accounting students of FEB UI. This year, IAF has been held for 19 consecutive years. The 19th Indonesia Accounting Fair focuses on IFRS 16, taking the theme “The New Leasing Improving Era of Quality of Financial Reporting with The Single Lease Standard”. The 19th Indonesia Accounting Fair is held every year as a place for Accounting students from all over Indonesia to show their competence. Not only as a competition arena, IAF also aims to give insights for the participants related to new accounting standards to be applied in Indonesia.

The 19th Indonesia Accounting Fair consists of 7 series of events namely Opening Ceremony, Accounting Competition, Paper Competition, Seminar, Training, Company Visit and Closing Ceremony. Unlike the previous years, IAF 19 managed to create an event that has an international scope in its seminar and competition.

The 19th Indonesia Accounting Fair runs from  March 4th to March 9th2018. In the 19th IAF event, IAF worked with several parties such as ACCA as IAF’s main partner, KPMG as open discusion partner, PWC as training partner, Deloitte as main sponsor, and other sponsor parties. The 19th Indonesia Accounting Fair not only focuses on the competition, since it also strives to provide values to the participants through training and seminars.

Opening ceremony of The 19th Indonesia Accounting Fair

Our opening ceremony focuses on technical meetings for all participants accounting competition. This event is not only composed of technical meetings but also other entertaining events such band performance from Universitas Indonesia students, gala dinner, and networking sessions of The 19th IAF.

Open discussion of The 19th Indonesia Accounting Fair held at KPMG Indonesia.

Accounting Competition is the main event of IAF 19. Our competition was held in several places, namely in our beloved campus, Universitas Indonesia, KPMG office for open discussion, and ACCA office for the final stage of the competition.

One of our teams presenting their excellent work at The 19th Indonesia Accounting Fair Paper Competition.

Our paper competition is an event created to find young Accounting students who can think critically and innovatively about the IFRS 16: Leasing. This event divided in two sessions, which are Preliminary Round and Main Round Paper Competition. Congratulations for team Krusty Krab from Universitas Indonesia as the winner of The 19th IAF Paper Competition!

International Seminar of The 19th Indonesia Accounting Fair, talking about IFRS 16 comprehensively.

As the oldest and the biggest Accounting event held by students in Indonesia, The 19th Indonesia Accounting Fair brings together leading professionals and academicians to discuss the latest issues within the development of Accounting. This seminar is held at the Auditorium of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia. We invited various competent speakers who can share their experiences and insights in facing the new IFRS 16 standard from many sides, be it the public Accounting firms, corporations, or Accounting body.

Our training at Pricewaterhouse Coopers Indonesia.

This year’s Training focuses on giving practical knowledge and fundamental basics in implementing IFRS 16: Leases. This event is held in our learning partner’s office, PwC Indonesia Training Centre, and led by professional accountants who excel in their field.

In Company Visit, our participants engaged in some several activities prepared by the committee with a tour around our capital city, Jakarta. This event also gave the participants opportunities to make new friends from the competition some fun memories.

The memorable night at Balai Agung DKI Jakarta.

The Closing Ceremony included awarding night marked the end of The 19th Indonesia Accounting Fair. There was a formal dinner and performances to entertain our competition participants. The ceremony was held in Balai Agung DKI Jakarta with opening speech from our honored Vice Governor, Mr. Sandiaga Uno. Our participants enjoyed their dinner and the entertainment provided by us. Finally, at the end of the night, we announced the winners and said our good bye to the participants.

Winner of Our Competitions

We also want to congratulate the winners of both our Accounting Competition and Paper Competition! Congratulations to these amazing teams who have showed their best effort last March:

Winners of Accounting Competition:
1st winner : SPY Team (Trisakti School of Management)
2nd winner : Syntatic (Trisakti School of Management)
3 winner : JSW (Binus University)

Winners of Paper Competition:
1st winner : Krusty Krab (Universitas Indonesia)
2nd winner : Grande (Universitas Gadjah Mada)
Best Speaker : Huda Arifin (Universitas Indonesia)


The 19th Indonesia Accounting Fair was a fun ride! We will also give our best in the upcoming The 20th Indonesia Accounting Fair, so prepare yourselves and see you!

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