Business and Partnership Bureau

Business and Partnership Bureau

The Business and Partnership Bureau plays a key role in generating funds for the entire organization through growing our business unit, maintaining relationships with official partners, and organizing various projects with organizations and businesses.

Working Programs

Marketing Call

One of the best ways to look for potential Official Partners who support us in several methods within a longer period and offer them our benefit offerings.


We are here to assist any party interested in organizing any projects or events on our campus, as we arrange everything down to the smallest details of the projects or events.

WASABI Project

WASABI by SPA is our university-level merchandising brand which covers all of our products, including caps, tote bags, pouches, cases, and t-shirts.

Official Partner Relation

We always maintain a great relationship with our valuable Official Partners by providing publication through SPA's social media, working programs, and organizing projects or events.

Bundling WASABI

We sell WASABI merchandise stock from the previous season in a more attractive and affordable bundle.

Projects with Dosen

We maintain our relation with lecturers from FEB UI by helping them manage their projects or webinar.

Mini Business

To learn how to build and run a business idea, here you will also have the opportunity to run your own business.


Andi Salsabila Karenina


Aida Alanis Safira

Senior Associate

Elysia Leora Clarinta


Syifa Shafira Lintang Maharani


Muhammad Hanif Nugrohadhi




Parama Adiwangsa Satria


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