Accounting Study Division

Accounting Study Division

Through internal discussion, literature study, and data research, the Accounting Study Division utilizes their critical thinking to explore accounting-related topics as well as raise awareness on accounting-related issues in the form of articles and fun facts.

Working Programs

Jumanji (Jumat Mengkaji)

Through fun facts and articles, we discuss accounting-related themes and related problems. Enhance your research abilities and broaden your accounting knowledge.

Accounting Workshop

A great opportunity to learn and be exposed to real-world practice from an accounting perspective through hands-on practice by experts.

Accounting Group Discussion

In order to quench our need for accounting knowledge, we invite professionals to speak with Accounting students. Something new will be added this year, a mini-company visit to a well-known company.

Mojakoe (Modul Jawaban Koeliah)

We help students in comprehending lecture materials by providing exam preparation through the creation of question and answer modules based on the syllabus.

Accounting Webinar

Increase your understanding of accounting updates by listening to explanations from knowledgeable and experienced speakers.

Writing and Mojakoe Training

We offer resources for associates to learn how to create high-quality Jumanji and Mojakoe. Furthermore, we guide you on how to present your Jumanji in a pleasing manner.


Dinda Febrianti


Hanifah Usman

Senior Associate

Maisya Sekar Chika Kusumah


Roziqotul Bahiroh Debita Putri


Maxmilian Amadeus Hukom


Ni Putu Natanaya Adristi Kandel


Ghazy Arva Faadihilah


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