Student Relation Division

Student Relation Division

The Student Relation Division is in charge of fulfilling the non-academic needs of accounting students. Their programmes are created with the focus of putting accounting students at ease while also giving them useful insights, experiences, and knowledge.

Working Programs


We conduct super fun sports games for Accounting students to relieve their stress from all the academic-related activities!

Accounting Gathering Night

A place for freshmen to meet new friends while enjoying sequences of games, performances, and many more fun activities!

Welcoming Accounting

Our biggest and most impactful working program, also known as Orientasi Jurusan! We conceptualize and conduct the whole event, which includes mentoring programs, talk shows, and sharing sessions to help freshmen students familiarize themselves with their home for the next four years! During this program, we will work closely with external parties like alumni, notable speakers, and lots more!


In collaboration with the Academic Development Division, we provide a platform to gather aspirations from Accounting students regarding hopes and concerns about their college situations and provide them with the solutions they seek afterwards.

Accounting Fun Games

Another fun activity where we invite Accounting students to play a range of exciting games and compete with each other to win prizes!

Graduation Celebration

Delivering gifts and mementos as well as conveying our congratulations to our beloved seniors who are about to graduate!


Karlinda Hasan


Bayu Dwi Rabbani

Senior Associate

Nathan Yoel Godangtua S


Angie Christina


Lely Rahma Damayanti


Brammantyo Rizqullah


Asti Haptadewi


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