Tax Study Division

Tax Study Division

The objective of the Tax Study Division is to produce various comprehensive tax outputs by using critical thinking. These outputs are produced with the intention of increasing the insights of our stakeholders about the taxation world.

Working Programs

Jumanji (Jumat Mengkaji)

We research new ideas and issues related to tax and share them in the form of fun facts and articles. Increase your knowledge and provide value for others through JUMANJI.

Tax Group Discussion

An opportunity for all Accounting students to discuss various tax related topics with experts and practitioners.

Tax Workshop

Tax Workshop supports you to learn new practical tax skills. The experts will help you understand the process in detail, step by step.

Tax Update Webinar

Learn about future tax challenges and potential reforms through Tax Update Webinar. Gain knowledge about future tax policies through  practitioners’ views.


Christine Veronica Natalia


Patricia Carin Yovita

Senior Associate

Nicole Stephanie


Candra Maharani Utami


Maria Joice Valentina Girsang


Elizabeth Yoann


Yunda Anjani


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