Human Resource Bureau

Human Resource Bureau​

The focus of the Human Resource Bureau is on internal relations within SPA FEB UI functionaries. Not only are they responsible for strengthening internal SPA FEB UI solidarity, they are also in charge of assuring the transformation of all SPA FEB UI functionaries from good to become excellent.

Working Programs

Associate Hunt

The recruitment process for our new SPA FEB UI Associates.

HR Sessions

Assessment questions for associates in order to make a performance appraisal and assess whether the 4 values of SPA are completely transferred to associates or not.

New Coming Days

The end of the Associate Hunt, where we announce the divisions and bureaus of the new associates, along with various training, games, and sharing sessions with SPA Alumni.

SPA Gathering

A mid-year evaluation that is followed by Grand Team Building, Alumni Sharing Session, and exciting ice-breaking activities to strengthen the bond between SPA FEB UI’s functionaries.

Jacket, Database, & ID Card

Collecting personal information from SPA FEB UI functionaries to create jackets and ID cards as the identity of SPA FEB UI functionaries.

SPA Internship

Conducting internships for new students to learn how our organization works by recruiting them to become SPA’s interns through a variety of recruitment processes.

Sports Day

Refreshment event for SPA FEB UI functionaries in the midst of busy schedules and after the exams by holding exciting and super interesting sports events!

SPA Training

Training for internal functionaries by discussing soft skills and personal growth that SPA FEB UI’s functionaries currently require.

Mentoring Internal

Intensive tutoring session by senior functionaries of SPA FEB UI to junior functionaries.

SPA Holiday

Closing event for all functionaries as SPA FEB UI closes for the year by reminiscing all the good memories.


Hafiz Muhammad Az Zahra


Cadilla Stephanie

Senior Associate

Cut Attiqa Putri


Muh Ananta Reswara


Nurul Alya Muthia Rifki


Andrea Paramita Nurmalita Sari


Nauli Rumondang Bulan Silalahi


Graceeva Clairasafa Faransyah


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