External Affair Bureau

External Affair Bureau

External Affairs acts as a bridge between SPA and all of its stakeholders to sustain intra-campus and intercampus relationships. They also manage all of SPA’s social media and create various creative content to maintain SPA’s brand image. Additionally, they will serve as an intermediary between SPA FEB UI and other accounting groups.

Working Programs

Social Media Maintenance

One of our bureau's most important tasks, we are in charge of all of SPA's social media, including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many more!


SPArkling presents interactive, insightful, and entertaining content related to accounting in the form of short videos.

Open House Accounting UI

A means to establish relationships between FEB UI Accounting students and prospective students still in high school through accounting competition and interactive segments that discuss Accounting FEB UI.


We utilize SPA’s YouTube platform to create interesting videos that highlight university life in order to give viewers a taste of the excitement of being an Accounting student at FEB UI.

Accounting Bulletin

Through up-to-date articles written by our divisions and bureaus and designed by the Media and Visual Communication Bureau, we provide important information to newcomers of Accounting students.

Guest Hosting University

Guest Hosting strengthens and develops connections with parties outside our campus. We gather with other universities to socialize and exchange fresh perspectives.

Bring Back Memories

We gather SPA FEB UI alumni with SPA functionaries for a mini reunion to meet and mingle in order to build and strengthen our relationships.

HIMA Gathering

Socializing with new people is never dull, especially if it’s with Accounting friends from other universities. We host a gathering with other student organizations to have a good time and strengthen relationships.

Campus Visit

We meet with national or international student organizations to discuss cultural differences and university life in order to learn new cultures and obtain fresh perspectives on how Accounting students are in various areas or nations.


Muhammad Wisam Hadi Isworo


Ananda Khalisa Athalla

Senior Associate

Alika Myeisha Amalia Darmawan


I Made Mouriz Frederico Kencana Putra


Dinarkartika Maulidya


Rendy Hermawan Wijaya


Fauqoni Rutbati


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